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Dbasebrowse written by Mark Winkler 5/22/88 - Public Domain }
Dirselect was obtained from Borlands DL on CIS and modified to allow
scrolling of entries when more than 120}

Downloaded 7/2/88 from a bbs and modified by Mike Shunfenthal
CIS 76320,122
 with the following changes:
    1. file DBASE.PAS renamed DBASEBRO.PAS and
       unit DBF.PAS renamed to DBFINFO.PAS.
    2. Added option to look for the non-default directory to look
       for a DBF file: either a command line parameter or a prompt

Suggested future enhancements:
    1. Read index file
    2. Read memo file
    3. Convert stored, encoded date type into standard type: