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Paul O'Nolan
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TASM version of Douglas Jones' Splay Tree data compression technique. See Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, August 1988.

This code implements a FAST, efficient and deceptively simple single pass algorithm for data compression and expansion. To use as a unit with a Turbo Pascal program: compile SPLAY.PAS and include "Uses SPLAY" in your program or unit's interface section. You will have to elaborate the stubs provided for data I/O -- the getbyte and writebyte procedures.

The splay prefix algorithm is locally adaptive. It will progressively reduce the number of bits used to represent a character repeated in the source document to a point where the character may be represented by a single bit. On small files it can achieve results better than or close to those obtained with slower and more complicated methods. I have found it particularly useful in circumstances where it's possible to pack data before compression.

Paul O'Nolan
CIS 76665,3145
2nd May 1989

Nassau Dillenburgstraat 39, 2596 AC The Hague, The Netherlands