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Phil Burns
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PIBLZW contains two Turbo Pascal v4.0 programs which implement the Lempel-Zev-Welch (LZW) compression technique:

   PIBCOMPR.PAS  --- Compresses files using LSZ
   PIBDCOMP.PAS  --- Decompress files compressed with PIBCOMPR.PAS

In addition to those two files, PIBLZW.ARC should also contain these files:

   PIBLZW.DEF    --- Common global declarations for PIBCOMPR/PIBDCOMP
   PIBLSZ.INC    --- Common routines for PIBCOMPR/PIBDCOMP
   README.1ST    --- This file you're reading now.

The LZW technique is well explained in the following reference:

   "A Technique for High Performance Data Compression",
    Terry A. Welch, IEEE Computer,
    vol. 17, no. 6 (June 1984), pp. 8-19.

Variants of LZW compression are used in the popular Unix and VMS COMPRESS utilities and the MS DOS "ARC" utilities, among others.

PIBCOMPR.PAS and PIBDCOMP.PAS are not meant to be highly efficient production codes. These programs are designed to illustrate the basic LZW technique using Turbo Pascal, following the Welch reference above. Once you understand the basic algorithm, you should be able to understand the variable bit size and adaptive compression variants of LZW which are used by more sophisticated programs.

Also note that these routines as they stand cannot be used to extract files from MS-DOS ".ARC" files.


You may use these programs for any purpose whatsover;
I am contributing them to the public domain.
If you do adapt these routines for use in your own programs,
I'd appreciate your mentioning that.


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-- Phil "Pib" Burns
   April 30, 1988.