Скачать AmoebaSoft MOD Player v0.90 for Gravis UltraSound

Скачать файл (90,51 Кб)


Release 0.90 of The AmoebaSoft MOD Player includes the following files:

  ASMOD.EXE - the MOD player itself
  ASMOD.ASL - some resources that ASMOD.EXE must have
  ASMOD.DOC - this file

  Plus (in the SOURCE directory):
    GUSMOD.PAS  - MOD loading and GUS interface routines
    GUSHEAP.PAS - GUS memory management routines
    NEWCRT.PAS  - keyboard and timer routines
    TYPES.PAS   - some global variables and error handler
    GUSUTIL.ASM - assembly source for the MOD player
    GUSUTIL.OBJ - the assembled version of GUSUTIL.ASM
    KEY.ASM     - assembly source for new keyboard handler
    KEY.OBJ     - the assembled version of KEY.ASM

    TESTMOD.PAS - a short program to make sure the MOD player works

The source for compiling ASMOD.EXE