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this util converts any file (any size) to a db list or a c/pascal
array the command line is as follows:
  2ASM.EXE inputfile 
where inputfile is the file you want to convert (duh)
also, there are quite a lot of options:
/f filename   saves the output file as 
              the default output file has the same name as your
              inputfile but has a .ASM/C/PAS extension, depending
              on what kind of conversion you selected (read ahead)
/a filename   appends the output to 
              this can be useful if you want to use more than one
              file in your program
/v varname    uses  as the variable name
              the default varname of the binfile is the name of
              the inputfile, having the dot repaced by an
              underscore so for example: blerg.pcx will be
/s size       makes the total size of the array  bytes
              this can be useful if you want to re-use the memory
              where the data is stored in for other things this
              option has no effect in pascal mode
/c            saves the data as an array in a .C file for use with
/p            saves the data as an array in a .PAS file for use
              with Pascal
/h            writes a header/footer in the output file so that
              it's ready to compile. in ASM mode, it writes a
              header for a Watcom ASM (WASM) file.
/d            writes decimal values instead of hexadecimal values
/o            writes octal values instead of hexadecimal values
              this option doesn't work in pascal mode
/y            automatically overwrites the output file if it
              exists can be useful for makefiles
/?            gives info about 2asm and how to contact me

so what did i write this prog for?
i just got sick of other programs that do the same, but having no
options like this one does.. i had to change stuff by myself all
the time..
and it took loooooooong for them to convert
so i decided to write my own prog, and then i thought hey, why
not release it?! so i put in some options that i will personally
never use, but that can be useful for other ppl, wrote some
samples, and this infofile.. and i guess i'm done now. and i'm
pretty happy with the result :)
anyway, if i can make more people happy by adding some options i
hadn't thought of, don't hesitate to email me. also any commens,
remarks, money or other stuff is welcome at sneaqo@cooldesign.net

and now lets go for a dislaimer:

copyright (c) 1998 sneaqo/aardbei
email: sneaqo@cooldesign.net

users of 2ASM must accept this disclaimer of warranty:  "2ASM is
supplied as is. the author disclaims all warranties, expressed or
implied, including, without limitation, warranties of
merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. the author
assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which
may result from the use of 2ASM."

feel free to share it with your friends, but do not give it away
altered or as part of another system. If you find this program
useful and find that you are using 2ASM and want to continue to
use it, you are requested to send me some crap telling me you
used it or so..  anyone distributing 2ASM for any kind of
remuneration must first contact the author for authorization.

okay enough of that crap, only thing i ask is, if you plan to
include this on some CD, its fine with me, but it would be nice
to let me know!