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Stamper is a utility to alter the date/time on a range of
files to any specified date/time. Requires Windows 3.1

Can be run in any directory. Requires no supplementary files.
Only the EXE file is required to run the program.
2 EXE files are supplied, with different element sizes for
small and large font displays:
Use STAMPER.EXE for small fonts, and STAMP_LG.EXE for large fonts.

Press the Select button to bring up a file selection dialog box.

Select one or more files from the file list box, using Shift and
Ctrl to select multiple items.

Click OK to close the box and confirm your selection.

To edit the date/time, click on the edit box, and enter the
date/time in numerical form in the following format:


Each field requires 2 digits, no spaces in between.

When you've chosen your files and edited the date/time,
press the Alter button to alter the dates on the files.

Due to the way MS-DOS stores file date/times (in 2 second
units), the seconds field is rounded down to the nearest
even number.

No responsibility accepted for any damage this software may
cause on your system. This version is a final release,
and has been tested on several Pcs to date.

Author & Copyright:
Hemal Popat

You are free to use this program as you wish.
You may distribute and modify it at will, but if you do so
then please include this readme file.
Sections of this program, particularly the string handling
sections were taken from a program called WTouch by
Doug Overmyer (1992). If you do modify this program for
non-personal use, I would appreciate you emailing me a full
copy or mailing me a disk containing the complete/registered
version of the modified program.

Comments, Improvements:
Email: hemal@popath.demon.co.uk
Mail: Hemal Popat,
      116 Caversham Avenue, London, N13 4LN, England.

I've included the Pascal source file (compiled using
Borland Pascal 7.0: Windows target) and also the resource
file. Any improvements to this program will be gratefully
received, particularly since I'm not that great at
ObjectWindows programming. Perhaps someone out there would
like to convert it into a Windows File Manager DLL,
or allow it to acccept drag and drop file input?

"Windows" and "MS-DOS" are trademarks of Microsoft.
"Borland Pascal" is a trademark of Borland International.