Графика и анимация

PASJPEG 1.1 - JPEG Unit for TP7.0, FPC and Delphi 3.

PasJPEG is a collection of Turbo Pascal routines to compress and decompress JPEG files. Many people refer to the package as "Jacques Nomssi Nzali's Pascal port". The PasJPEG 1.1 update completes the port of some utilities and add new functionality found in the IJG v6b release (lossless transform, marker handling). Oct. 8th, 1998 - Update for Free Pascal Compiler 0.99.8 May 29th, 1999 - fixed translation bug.

PCX - Смотрелка PCX файлов

Процедура чтения .PCX файлов с использованием модуля GRAPH

PCX Programmer's Toolkit for 800x600x256 Mode

Great PCX library from Genus Microprogramming, Inc. (1988-89) for C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, Clipper and Assembler. Full sources and documentation in Russian included.

PCX-Sharp 2.01 - Модуль для Работы с PCX файлами

Модуль для вывода на экран PCX изображений в режимах от 320х200 до 1024х768... (BGI графика). Приведен пример использования и краткое описание функций.

PCX, BMP, GIF, TIF Viewrs for TP 7.0 and VESA

VESA unit and four graphics viewing programs for PCX, BMP, GIF and TIF files.

PCXLIB - пакет для работы с PCX

Данный пакет предназначен для вывода графических изображений из файлов формата PCX.

Powerful Graphics Library from Graphics Vision 2.3

Powerful Graphics Library for TP/BP 7.0x+. It is a part of large Graphics Vision library v2.3. Can be used separately from the library itself.
Supports 20+ video modes, including all std EGA, VGA, VESA SVGA up to 512 Kb VM and also VGA/SVGA ModeX
Custom mouse driver for ModeX & SVGA

SuperVGA - TP 6.0 unit that for 256-color VGA Mode

Here's a unit that does a bit of VGA manipulation. It will grab the palette, set the palette, write the palette to a FractInt-style .MAP file, read back from a .MAP, and produce some basic color fades (red, green, blue, grey).

Turtle 1.0 - Turtle Graphics in any SVGA BGI Mode

This TP5.5+ unit allows to re-use the Turtle graphics calls in any graphic mode supported by a BGI driver. This unit exports all turtle graphics calls present in TurboPascal V3.0 and in compatibility unit Graph3 provided with subsequent versions. The HiRes and Graphmode calls are not supported and were replaced by more general calls (GraphOn,GraphOff) to accept all standard graphic modes and drivers.

UGraf v1.2 - SVGA Graphics Library for TP

Небольшая графическая библиотека для TP5 - BP7. Поддерживает мышку, стандартные режимы от GRAPH.TPU, Режим 13h, 256-цветные VESA режимы. Приведено 7 примеров использования.
Small SVGA graphics unit for TP. It supports all VESA 256 and more colors mode, plus mode 13h, plus all mode supported by standard graph unit. It also supports memory bitmaps.