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  This is the main unit of my goal- Defining Objects to handle Dbase
  III and FOXPRO compatible files.

  The old existing Programs did not provide satisfactory performance
  to me. Tbase provides facilities to Create Dbase files, Manipulation
  on FIeld Structure and Manipulations on Data.

  Tbase allows you to supply Fieldname as argument ( string ) in
  For example, FieldData( 'Cust_No' ) will give you the data of
  CUST_NO in the current record ( if such a field exists.. )

  For those who are familiar with using Field numbers in the older
  programs, Tbase provide Methods that accepts field numbers too.

  The consistency in these procedures are: any method that accepts
  a field name string as an argument has its counterpart with the same
  structure but with Field number in place of Field Name.
  The name of the method adds a MY in its identifier.
  For example, FieldData accepts Field name string while MYFieldData
  accept Field Number as Argument.

  Validity Checks are performed in many methods. If the check fails
  anywhere, the error variable DbError is set to an error number and
  a Bleep sound occurs. No Screen Display is reported nor does the
  program abort. The only case the program is aborted is when
  initializing ( Opening ) a Dbase Object.

  The reason for this non-screen report is to avoid the disturbance
  when using graphical environment.