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Version 2.5

                                GRIFFIN SOLUTIONS

                             dBase III, III+ access

                                 1 August 1991

                    (C) Copyright 1991 - All Rights reserved

                                Griffin Solutions
                             102 Molded Stone Place
                          Warner Robins, Georgia 31088
                                 (912) 953-2680
                              CompuServe 75206.231


These Turbo Pascal 5.5 routines handle processing for dBase III
files, including memo (.DBT), index (.NDX), and data (.DBF) files.
Use is made of object oriented programming to simplify the user
interface.  Examples of the user interface is demonstrated in the
sample programs.

This release is valid for reading and writing of data, index, and
memo files.


GS_dBase is copyrighted. It is not a public domain program.  It
is being  distributed as Shareware, which means that unmodified
copies of the software and documentation may be freely copied and
shared.  We ask in return that should you find GS_dBase to be
useful, you become a registered user.  You become registered by
sending $25.00 to the address on the cover. By registering you
will get:

  o  A copy of the latest version of the program.

  o  Automatic notification of major program updates.

  o  Technical support via Compuserve or by mail.

  o  A user's manual on disk.  Sorry--printed manuals are too
     expensive at this price.

The shareware philosophy is to pay smaller amounts for well-
crafted and useful software from developers who cannot spend the
millions of dollars on  marketing necessary to compete with the
large software development companies.  You benefit by being able
to try a wider variety of software products to find the ones that
suit your particular purpose. And the trial is  free. The
shareware developer benefits from being able to distribute his
work to a wider audience than would be possible through normal

Your share of the responsibility for shareware to continue, and
to support  the development of more and better products is to
distribute your shareware  programs to others and become a
registered user of those products you like and use.


Welcome to GS_dBASE, a series of Turbo Pascal 5.5 routines for
management of dBase III+ files.  The routines are designed to do
the following:

- Provide a simple user interface to read and write dBase III files.

- Allow use and updating of index (NDX) files in reading and updating the
  dBase III data (DBF) files.

- Allow reading and updating of memo (DBT) file entries.

- Allow creation of new dBase III files.

- Allow creation of indexes to dBase files.

- Provide automatic routines to display, edit, and update dBase III

- Provide a file handler interface that provides a simple disk cache
  capability and provision for LAN adaptability.

- Do all of the above using only Turbo Pascal 5.5
  -- no assembly routines are used, yet speed is not sacrificed.

- Apply Object Oriented Programming to create easily usable modules.