ANSI графика

ANSI Alternate to CRT unit

Модуль для замены CRT с поддержкой ANSI

ANSI Alternate to CRT unit. Uses standard ANSI calls for all cursor placement, color attribute changes, etc., and Interrupt 21h DOS calls for everything else. No ROM BIOS calls at all. Should work on any MS-DOS computer with ANSI support.

ANSIVIEW - ANSI Window Object for Turbo Vision

Объектно-ориентированный модуль, выплняющий функции CRT с поддержкой ANSI графики. Поддерживает TurboVision.

ANSIView is a unit that will give you the features that you came to enjoy from the CRT unit with the earlier versions of Turbo Pascal while still retaining the features of the new TVISION enviroment. ANSIView provides a single object that will give you the ability to open a "CRT" window on your desktop and interface with it exactly as you would with a "normal" pascal program.


Модуль для вывода на экран ANSI символов без проверки значений на выхода за границы.

Unit for ANSI chars display with NO range-checking.

LVI 1.0 - LVI Programming Toolkit (ANSI like)

Модуль для эмуляции LVI, функционального аналога ANSI графики, имеющего двоичный формат команд и использующего сжатие данных.

LVI Programming Toolkit - is a pascal library for using LVI emulation. It is similar to ANSI, however, it uses advanced compression and is binary. It is over twice as fast as the equivalent ANSI.

PAvatar 1.10

Модуль для поддержки ANSI и AVATAR/Level_1 графики

Turbo Pascal Avatar Level 1 Console Kit, Avatar/1 and ANSI terminal emulation unit.

ANSIColor 1.0 - Color Unit for ANSI Output

Модуль AnsiColr предназначен для упрощения задания цвета текста и цвета фона при формировании ANSI-строк.

This unit allows the programmer to specify screen colors with easily rememberable names like "RedOnBlue". It have the ANSI escape sequence for that combination to be the output.

EmulAnsi - ANSI Emulator Unit

Модуль для вывода на экран ANSI-картинок без использования драйвера ANSI.SYS. Приведен модуль, пример вызова, анси-картинка и краткое описание esc-последовательностей.

PingAnsi v1.33 - Ansi Emulation for Turbo Pascal v5+

Модуль для поддержки ANSI графики.

The PingAnsi unit provides partial Ansi emulation for Turbo Pascal versions 5.x and higher. (version 4 does not support procedural types). Some routines may be handled in a non-standard way.

Turbo Pascal ANSI Drivers Version 1.12

Набор модулей для вывода ANSI-графики на консоль, в COM-порт, или в модем. Удобен для разработки DOOR-GAME в BBS.

The routines in this package are intended to replace the Turbo Pascal (v5.0 or greater) CRT unit. The procedures and functions provided in the ANSI unit mirror many of the CRT unit functions but, instead of going directly to the screen or through the BIOS, these functions go through a user-defined text file device driver like console, serial port and modem.