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Peter Singer
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This package should include:

  • ARCPAK2.TPU For TP 7.0
  • ARCPAK2.TPP For BP 7.0 (protected mode)
  • ARCPAK2.TPW For BP 7.0 (windows mode)
  • ARCPAK2.TPO For BP 7.0 ('OS/2 mode' patched version of c't magazine)
  • ARCPAK2.TP6 For TP 6.0 (rename it to arcpak2.tpu, last Version 4.3) (TP6 will not be longer supported!)

This is a Unit for TP 6.0 / BP 7.0 and requires just the DOS unit. FV.EXE is writtem with it. It should help you to write application software for archive compression files. Read ARCPAK.DOC about the function and procedures availabel and which parameters you have to pass. The constant PVers shows you always the actual version of the Unit.

Just write in a Turbo Pascal program: writeln (Pvers); Current version should be 4.8. Some ideas are used from the TurboProfessional toolbox.


Read this for information on procedures, function and further enhancements. This is the interface part of the source code of the unit.

FV.EXE {FV.OS2: rename this to FV.exe if you run OS/2}

FV is required by 'LIST' to view arc, pak, zip ,lzh or arj files. But you can also use it on the DOS command line. Simply type one of the following:

  • FV *.* { for current directory}
  • FV .. { for parent directory }
  • FV a:\*.* { for root directory on drive A}
  • FV *.pak { to show only PAK files },/li>
  • FV *.pak /C { to show comments of PAK files }
  • FV /S.com { searches through all files and file names and comments stored in archives for the string '.COM'. With the /S switch you don't HAVE TO specify a drive or path. It DON'T search through the Zip or Pak - comment! }
  • FV a: /Sdoc { looks on drive A: for anything with the string 'DOC'} { The /S will skip all pathnames during search stored in archiv files }
  • FV a: /Sdoc /A { looks on drive A: and checking all files for the string 'DOC'}
  • FV *.* /D*.exe { checking all files in archives and DOS if they match *.EXE}
  • FV *.SDN /d*.doc /A { looks in all SDN files, if they are archives and if they match *.DOC}
  • FV *.* /sdoc /x { search in all arc, pak, zip,lzh and exe (if they are selfextracting files, if it find DOC}
  • FV *.* /G { Displays resolution on GIF, LBM, PCX and BMP files }

FV don't shell to any program. It will be extended with any new version of the arcpak unit. I'd rewrite it!! Get a short help by passing any of the following: -?, /?, -h, /h, -Help, /help. It's not case sensitive!