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------------------ Pure Power Strings Revision 1.05 --------------

I wrote this unit over a number of years and thought that other people who have not yet written such a unit could benefit from it. So I wrote a .NG file for it and released it.

If you like this unit, please let me know. Donations, letters or postcards are welcome, especially postcards.

If you do send any money, please send cash, either rands or US$'s. Make sure you use a dark envelope so the cash cannot be seen. Please don't send coins in the post. If you can't get US$'s or rands, you are welcome to send me whatever currency you are using.

Remember, this software is free, you don't have to pay for it. I would really appreciate a postcard if you use this software, money is not so important. I won't nag you about money, I just want to know if my software is used.

I suppose there could be even more features for me to add but I don't know if anyone is going to use this. If there is sufficient response for any of my products I'll improve that product.

This software is free and I take no responsibility for any loss or damages.