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This unit is patterned after the TurboPower OPCOLOR unit. OPCOLOR allows the programmer to specify screen colors with easily rememberable names like "RedOnBlue". I wanted a way to specify the same type of color definitions, but have the ANSI escape sequence for that combination to be the output. Hopfully this unit will accomplish this task making ANSI colors easier for the programmer.

The naming conventions of ANSICOLR are similar to that of OPCOLOR except that all names begin with a lower case "a" (ie. aRedOnBlack). This will return the ANSI escape code that will enable this color combination. All low intensity forground combinations start by setting the previous colors off, then define the new color set. To get a color set with the foreground set to blink, just preface the color combination with "ab" (ie. abRedOnBlue). Each low intensity color combination is 10 char., each high intensity color set is 12 char. and each blinking color set is 14 char. long.

I retain the copyright for this unit, but release it for public use with no royalties required. You may use it in any program that it would be of assistance to you. In the same regard, I offer NO WARANTEE what so ever either express or implied.