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Gregory P. Smith
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This toolkit represents hundreds of hours of programming that resulted in this fast and accurate product. PAvatar is a Turbo Pascal unit (version 5.5 or later) that can provide your programs with Avatar level 1 console, extended Avatar level 0+ (optional ANSI fallback), ANSI-BBS, and ANSI terminal emulations. This is done with a series of procedural hooks for screen I/O and cursor control. This allows you to use the procedures of your choice, making the unit the most flexible of its type.

An added bonus to using this unit is DESQview awareness. This unit contains facilities for detecting DESQview, giving up the time slice, and using DESQview's video buffer. This is especially valuable for communications and bbs type programs that are often run under DESQview.


This unit requires that you are using an IBM compatible computer and have Turbo Pascal 5.5 or later. As I have used OOP for fast and efficient data management within this unit; I regret that I cannot provide a Turbo Pascal 5.0 version of the PAvt1 unit.

Memory requirements within a program using PAvatar have been kept to a minimum. Only 3-4k of heap space as well as less than 500 bytes stack space. The actual code itself only requires 16k.