Скачать QDIR - Print The Directory Listing with Attributes

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Program QuickExtendedDirectory;

   Directory listing with attributes and age of file in days shown.
   See Procedure DisplaySyntax for instructions and command line switches.
   This program is intentionally designed to work and look as much like the
   Dos DIR command as possible, except it displays the following additional
   information:  1) The file attribute, where 'R' means read-only, 'S'
   means system, 'H' means hidden, and 'A' means the archive bit is set.
   2) The age of the file in days.  Its default (opposite of DIR) is paged
   mode, wherein it stops every screenful and waits for a keypress.
   This may be changed with the /p switch.  It also, like DIR, defaults
   to a one file per line format.  This may be changed with the /w
   switch, but no age in days is shown in this mode.