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Tom Guinther
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Tom Guinther
CIS ID : 70007,3465
May 2, 1989

I got bored one afternoon and decided to mess around with accessing information in ZIP and ARC files. ZIPPER.PAS contains some of the more generic routines I wrote. If you are interested in writing some of your own functions, please see the file APPNOTE.TXT that should be contained in your copy PKZIP. Also, if you are interested in tackling some of the more complex ZIP routines (LZW, Reduction, etc..) let me know and maybe we can work on them together. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to me via easyplex or on Borlands CIS confrence (A or B). Messages left on BPROGB will actually end up addressed to my good friend Greg Cassady, who will relay the message.