Скачать PACK 1.0 - Reduce the Size of EXE Files

Kim Kokkonen
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PACK reduces the size of EXE files by packing the EXE header table into a smaller structure. It does so by using its own fixup relocator, and building a table of fixups without redundant segment information as occurs in the DOS standard format.

PACK will also report how much space it could save by run-length encoding repeated byte sequences. To see this effect, set the constant ShowRLEeffect to True. PACK does not actually implement this kind of packing at this time.

PACK works in a manner similar to EXEPACK (from Microsoft) and SPMAKER (from Realia).

After compiling, just enter PACK to get directions for usage.

Version 1.0.
Written 11/87, Kim Kokkonen, TurboPower Software.
Compuserve 72457,2131.
Released to the public domain.