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Terry Sansom
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Version 1.0a October 1993.

  For Borland Turbo Pascal Version 5.5, may not work with other


  This unit came out of a need to access files inside zipped files
  in another program which I was writing at the time.  I have tested it
  with version 1 and 2 of PKZIP'd files, and it seems to work correctly.


  Feel free to distribute this package, in whole only.

  This package must contain the following before distribution..

                README.TXT  - This little manual.
                MANUAL.DOC  - Reference manual for PKWAREU
                PKWAREU.TPU - Compiled Pascal unit
                PKWAREU.INC - Interface section of PKWAREU.TPU.
                PKDEMO1.PAS - Source for demo 1.
                PKDEMO1.EXE - Executable demo 1.
                PKDEMO2.PAS - Source for demo 2.
                PKDEMO2.EXE - Executable demo 2.


  Very simply, to allow us Turbo Pascal programmers access to
  the details, not the compressed data, inside PKWARE's zipped


  Use as you would any other Pascal unit.

  Several routines are available for you to use.  I limited the
  number for call-able routines so the information would not be
  overwhelming.  I hope you find these routines usfeul, considering
  the limited scope of this unit.

  Please note that in these routines I do very little in the way of
  heap checking and IO errors.  I did this for two reasons.  First
  it allows YOU the freedom to handle erros as YOU wish, not as I would
  have you deal with them.  Second. I find that there are already
  many good tools to aid Pascal programers, but functinality reduced
  due to someone else adding fruitless robustness, which only adds
  program bulk and slowing exicution speed  (TechnoJocks Turbo Toolbox
  comes to mind).

  NOTE: You are responsible for opening and closing the ZIP File.
  It must be assigned to the File variable "Zipfile", which is
  declared in the interface of the PKwareU.  See the demos for
  how this is done.


  See PKWAREU.INC for details of types used.  If you have the
  source code you can actually change them!


  If you would like the source code to this unit please contact me.
  I charge a small fee for my time, and do not want the code
  released to the public domain.

  You can use the unit "as is" in any program donated to the pubic
  domain! We will discuss PKWAREU uses in programs for money
  (shareware or business ventures) if you contact me.

    Terry Sansom,
    9102 83 Ave
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T6C 1B7

    e-mail: ts_az@hotmail.com
    Or on Compuserve my number is [70574,3205]

The LEGAL stuff:

  Terry Sansom makes NO warranty for this product, and is not liable
  for damages caused by the use of, or inability to use, this product.

  All terms mentioned in this package that are known to be trademarks
  or service marks are listed below.  I can not attest to the accuracy
  of this information.  If a mistake exists please contact me for
  corrections.  In addition the use of a term in this package should
  not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service

  MS-DOS is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
  PKZIP, PKUNZIP, PKWARE are registered trademarks of PKWARE Inc.
  Turbo Pascal is a registered trademark of Borland International, Inc.