Скачать TSR Screen Saver for TP6.0

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Due to many replies to E-Mail, I'm zipping this stuff together and am sending it all as a group.

TSR.PAS     A tsr screen saver for TP6.0   [very bare]
SCREEN.PAS  For use with TSR.PAS to save and restore screens.
            Screen.Pas has nothing to do with Screen.Asm

SCREEN.ASM  Assembly TSR screen saver which is capable of removal.
SCREEN.DOC  Dox on Screen.Asm

Screen.Asm came from much work. The only way I could find info on TSR's was to download 4 or 5 demos and try to figure out why they were doing what they were doing. It was a headache and I hope noone else has to go through with that. Thanks goes to the writers of those files. A file by the name of template was the biggest help.