Скачать BASS Sound System v.0.9 for TMT Pascal

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BASS 0.9 - Copyright (c) 1999-2001 Ian Luck. All rights reserved.

Files that you should have found in the BASS "package"

BASS.TXT      This file
BASS.DLL      The BASS module
BASS.CHM      BASS documentation
MO3.EXE       MO3 encoder
FILE_ID.DIZ   BBS description file
C\            C/C++ API and samples...
  BASS.H        BASS C/C++ header file
  BASS.LIB      BASS import library
  BASSTEST.EXE  BASS example program
  BASSTEST.C    Example program source-code
  BASSTEST.RC   Example program resource file
  BASSTEST.H    Example program resource header file
  CONTEST.EXE   BASS console example program
  CONTEST.C     Console example program source-code
  3DTEST.EXE    BASS 3D/A3D/EAX example program
  3DTEST.C      3D example program source-code
  3DTEST.RC     3D example program resource file
  3DTEST.H      3D example program resource header file
  ENGINE.WAV    3D example program test WAVE sample
  LOADNGET.C    LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress example source-code
  LOADNGET.RC   LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress example resource file
  DSPTEST.C     DSP example program source-code
  DSPTEST.RC    DSP example program resource file