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RADPAS v1.2 (C) 1995 Evan Salomon. This code is FREEWARE. Released 11/7/95


RADPAS is an EXTREMELY easy was to incorporate Reality Adlib Tracker v1.x music into your Turbo Pascal 7.0 programs. All playing code was written in ASM by Reality and ported to TP7 by Evan Salomon. Dedicated to Reality for their awsome RAD editor, the best and easiest to use Adlib editor ever created!


You may use/modify this code as much as you want. The author is not responible for any damages caused use or misuse of this code. Use at your own risk. Use of RAD music in commercial programs requires permission from Reality.



  • Added adlib detection code to skip playing but keep timer if no adlib detected
  • Added master volume control and fading (no SB, just adlib)
  • Got rid of small burst of sound when resetting adlib, by setting registers $43..$55 to $3F instead of 0 (to set lowest volume)
  • Added pause feature


  • Fixed one huge bug that made the playing work randomly on only a select few RADs.
  • Fixed bug that was fixed in RAD v1.1a (effects starting one beat too late)
  • *EXTREMELY* simplified interface and directions
  • Automatically frees buffer on StopRad call when using PlayRadFile
  • Added error codes so you know what went wrong

v1.0 - Initial release

LIMITATIONS / BUGS: (probably due to adlib limitations)

  • Fading in doesn't work
  • Some instruments don't fade corrently


  • real SB volume control since adlib is crappy
  • stereo sound (dual OPL2 or OPL3) - each channel can be left/right/both