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I wrote all these and compiled with Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0

ALERT.EXE     I wrote this one to fill a certain need;
              if I set the computer to a time-consuming task,
              I can use a batch file to get my attention when
              it's done by making ALERT the next batch command.
              Try it, you'll definitely be annoyed, enough so to
              get up from the tube or whatever and tend to the
              computer. To kill the noise just hit a key.

BEEP.EXE      Just beeps the speaker, useful in batch files.

BOMB.EXE      Sounds like an old-fashioned bomb ...can induce
              mental peace. It works, give it a minute to warm up.

AIR-RAID.EXE  To exit, press a key, as usual, but it won't stop
              until the next time the pitch reaches a low point
              for some reason.