Скачать Adrenalin Module Player v0.2 for GUS

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Adrenalin module player v 0.2

By: Beta / Adrenalin

This program plays standard 4-12 channel protracker modules on GUS. ALL sources are included, and are 99% TP.

This program is MAILWARE. You may use it in NON COMMERCIAL productions IF you send me a postcard (or e-mail) from your hometown, and tell me what you like of this program. You must also tell somewhere in your program, that you are using this. Eg. "Sound system by Adrenalin". For commercial purposes, please contact me.

You may distribute this freely IF you include all the sources and docs. You may freely distribute any programs that use this player. You may NOT distribute any modified versions of the sources!!! If you wish to include this in shareware collection etc. you must contact me first. If you find a bug, please notify me so that I can correct it. Better yet correct it by yourself (if you can) and send the corrected version to me :-)

If this thing breaks your hard disk, burns your house or does anything else, I will NOT be responsible! You use this at you own risk! (Besides, you can't prove anything. I have better lawyers than you ;-))

Greets are sent to:

  Wihannes / Nordic vision
  Solar / Hysteria
  Psyko / Acidface software
  All users of Metropoli & Starport

Included files;
ADNMOD.EXE     Compiled player
ADNMOD.TXT     This doc
ADNMOD.PAS     Player using modunit
ADNPIC.BIN     Cool background picture
ADNPIC.INC     Same, except packed
BIN2PACK.PAS   Pack your own background pic
MODUNIT.PAS    Playing routines
GUS.INC        GUS routines