Скачать Vision Tools 1.0с - Text Mode User Inteface Unit

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Vision Tools is free for personal use & copy.
If You Find that this utilities is excellent for you please send US 5$ to:


Vision Tools Are SHAREWARE product and not registered for bussines, goverment and commercial use.
If You want to use it to commercial software, send US 10$ to uppointed adress.


VISION TOOLS version 2.0 complete.
(INCLUDING: Pull menus, Normal menus, I/O Forms, VGA/EGA Font designer, strings operating units, miscellaneous procedures & functions, text viewers, text editors, mouse supporting & etc. )

With full demo`s, guides & documentations.

FILES TOOLS version 1.0.
Great files operation untit (read/write`s,seek`s,EOF`s & etc) with greet critical error handler;

SECURITY TOOLS version 1.0.
SUPER methods for protect Your programs of copy, With great anti--hackers protection.
With other methods, units & tricks for protection Your programs.