Скачать FontLib - Text Mode Font Library for EGA/VGA

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This unit provides EGA/VGA font management routines and enables you to save/restore characters or charsets and also makes it easy for you to set your own (custom) characters or charsets in EGA/VGA text modes.

8x8 font: for EGA 80x43 or VGA 80x50 modes,
8x14 font: for EGA 80x25 mode,
8x16 font: for VGA 80x25 mode

Norton Utilities and their cool custom fonts! All becomes possible with this little font management library for EGA/VGA text modes. No charge is required for the author. See FONTDEMO.PAS program for getting how it all works. FONTDEMO illustrates how the active font can be changed, saved, and restored. Another little proggy called SAVEFONT.PAS will demonstrate how to save active font into file.

Disclaimer: This software built on AS-IS basis. No guarantee is provided.

License: This software is free of charge. NOT for sale.

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