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SoftWeyr LAN Library
version 1.3

SWLANLIB is library of Turbo Pascal procedures and functions, which allows you to write network programs. These include:

  • File locking/sharing in any MS-Net compatible environment
  • Printer Job control
  • NetBIOS interface
  • Full LANtastic LAN OS interface, including device redirections, login and logout, spooler control, network mail etc.

SWLanLib can be used in Turbo Pascal 4.0 or higher, except LANtastic interface module, which requires Turbo Pascal 6.0 or higher. Most procedures must work in protected mode, becouse RTM intercerts int 21H and int 5CH calls and corrects parameters, if nessecary.
But not for Windows, becouse you must use Windows KERNEL for operate with network in Windows.

  SWLANLIB includes three units

  LAN  and
  and several example programs.
  Documentation is provided on English (LANLIB.ENG) and Russian

See these files for complete file list and other information.