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Turbo Pascal based Squish API Library and data structure formats
                        version 1.00
        Santronics Software and Alternative Solutions
         (c) copyright 1991 by Santronics Software
        Portions copyrighted by Alternative Unlimited Inc.

This package contains the turbo pascal libary for handling
Maximus 2.0 Squish files.  These are basic low level routines and
good programmers should not have any trouble using them. A sample
program SQDEMO is provided to show you have to read a message
file. TESTADD.EXE will show you how to WRITE a message to the
squish FILES.

This API should be sufficient for most programmers to get

Tested with TURBO Pascal 6.0

STRLIB.PAS      Santronics Software String Library
FIDOFMT.PAS     Basic SDM (*.msg layout) Opus Style
IOFILES.PAS     Santronics Software Stream I/O Library
                with File Sharing
MSGTOSQ.PAS     Unit to add a SDM message into a SQUISH

  SQDEMO.PAS    A primitive SQUISH file reader
  TESTADD.PAS   Adds a *.MSG file into a SQUISH database
  DISPTXT.INC   displays squish message on screen
  DOSDATE.PAS   Date routines. used to calculate FTSC-1
                fido ascii date