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Asyncronous Serial Communications Package for Turbo Pascal V5.0
Version 1.2 - 06/14/89
Copyright (C) 1989, Rising Edge Data Services

ASYNC12 is a full-featured Turbo Pascal UNIT that provides
interrupt-driven serial communication PC-compatable computers
utilizing standard serial port hardware (INS 8250's or equivalent).
Unlike similar offerings for Pascal programmers, ASYNC12 supports
full input and output buffering for up to 4 ports operating
CONCURRENTLY, with optional full hardware and/or software
handshaking.  In addition, key high-demand subroutines as well as
the interrupt driver are implimented in assembly language for maximum
Baud rates to 115200 are supported, as well as non-standard rates
and all possible wordsize/parity/stopbit combinations allowed by
the 8250 UART.

Features -- Version 1.2

*  Supports up to 4 ports simultaneously.
*  Completely interrupt driven I/O for greatest efficiency.
*  Assembly language used for interrupt driver and key high-performance
   procedures and functions maximize throughput.
*  Created as a Turbo Pascal UNIT for ease of use.
*  Tight, well-commented, structured code for ease of modification/
   Includes both Pascal and Assembly source.
*  Supports both hardware (RTS/CTS) and software (XON/XOFF) handshaking,
   at user's option.
*  28 procedures and functions in all to minimize programmer design time.

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