Скачать BVDoor 1.0 - BBS Door for Virtual Pascal and OS/2

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BVDoor v1.0 Features

  • OS/2 v2.x+ Compatable (Tested to v4.0)
  • Supports: RA, Ezycom, QBBS 2.75-2.80, SuperBBS, AdeptXBBS v1.75f
  • Multi-line Functions
  • Message posting to BBS Message Base
  • Configurable 2 line status bar
  • 99.9% Compatable with JPDoor 4.1 for easy porting
  • Can create minute hook procedures and second hook procedures
  • Traps Halt and Error Codes (Can be logged too)
  • Debugging Logfile
  • Just one unit (BVDOOR2.VPI)

The following files were ORIGINALLY included with BVDOOR10.RAR:

BVDoor.Doc    Documentation saved as a WP 6.0 File.
BVDoor.Txt    Documentation saved as a Normal Text File.
KeyFind.Exe   Tells you what the key value of a key is.
Register.Doc  Registration form.
Readme.Txt    This Text File.
Terminat.Pas  An Example Terminating Procedure.
TrapExit.Pas  An Example Haltcode/Error Exiting Procedure.

BVDoor2.VPI   Main VP/2 Unit.

Numbers.VPI \
CRC.VPI      \ Use Internally by
AlCom.VPI    /      BVDoor.
Session.VPI /

To obtain a new copy of BVDoor v1.0, see BVDoor.Txt.