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Samuel H.Smith
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			ProKIT - DOOR Building Kit for PCBoard 14.x
        			and Turbo Pascal 6.0
        			Version 3.4, 3/31/91

				Copyright 1988, 1991 Samuel H.Smith

ProKIT is a set of tools used to build PCBoard 14.x DOOR programs in Turbo Pascal 6.0. It provides full access to all PCB setup, database and configuration files; a modest library of utility functions is also available.

ProKIT based DOOR programs have many of the features developed for ProDOOR - sysop chat, continuous status display (same format as provided by PCB), shell to DOS, automatic color/graphics support, INTERRUPT and BIOS communication drivers, and much more.


PROKIT.PAS - this is a very short DOOR program to test the ProKIT

             libraries.  It includes these supporting files:
                PROKIT.EXE     - compiled door program
                PROKIT         - pcboard door script
                PROKIT.CNF     - config file (specifies driver type)
                PROKIT.M       - signon message file

PROKIT.INC - include this file in your main program to provide access
             to all ProKIT facilities.

CALLS.DOC  - describes functions and procedures available in the
             ProKIT libraries.

PRODATA.INT- describes the various pcboard records and other variables
             available in the ProKit libraries.

TIPS.DOC   - some hints and tips for writing door programs.

xxxx.TPU   - compiled units (library files) that are linked into your
             door program.

xxxx.INT   - these files are the actual program interfaces of the
             included tpu files-- use them as a reference for available
             procedures and data declarations.


If you modify this program, I would appreciate a copy of the new source code. I am holding the copyright on the source code, so please don't delete my name from the program files or from the documentation.


I work very hard to produce a software package of the highest quality and functionality. I try to look into all reported bugs, and will generally fix reported problems within a few days.

Since this is user supported software under the SourceWare concept, I don't expect you to contribute if you don't like it or if it doesn't meet your needs.

If you have any questions, bugs, or suggestions, please contact me at:

                        The Tool Shop BBS
                   Phone number         Modem type
                  --------------    ---------------------
                  (818) 891-3772    US Robotics HST 9600
                  (818) 891-1344    Hayes-V series 9600
                  (818) 891-6780    US Robotics 2400 (free line)

   The latest version is always available for downloading.

   Enjoy!     Samuel H. Smith, Author and Sysop of The Tool Shop.