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Andrew J. Mead
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BBS Onliner Interface 1.20
(C) 1990 Andrew J. Mead
All Rights Reserved
Contact: POB 1155 Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1155
#98@9968 WWIVnet or 1:151/223.36 FidoNet

The latest version is always available on Bargain Basement BBS 919-220-6058 WildCat Psychotronic BBS 919-286-7738 RA 1:151/223 or it can be FREQed from 1:151/223 by the magic name BOI.

The BBS Onliner Interface is written in Turbo Pascal 5.5, and is designed to allow any programmer to easily write BBS online doors that run under almost every IBM-PC BBS system.

This product is ShareWare

Do not distribute this except as a complete and un-altered package.

Files Contained
BOI120.ZIP ->
    ReadThis.1st    This introductory file
    BOI120.DOC      BBS Onliner Interface User's Manual <--- Read Next
    BOIREG.DOC      BOI Registration Form
    HILO.PAS        Sample online game door
    UNITS.ZIP ->    Turbo Pascal 5.5 - BOI source code
    BOIDECL.PAS     BOI public variables and constants
    ASYNC.PAS       serial port communications routines
    IOLIB.PAS       BOI standard library and CRT replacement
    IOSUPP.PAS      extended key code processing for ReadPortKey
    GETCMBBS.PAS    front-end BBS drop file/command line processor
    SUPPORT.PAS     standard support routines
    DOCUMENT.ZIP -> Documentation I release with each of my doors
    BBSINFO.DOC     basic whatsit type documentation
    BBSNOTES.DOC    in depth installation (end-user) documentation