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AVDOOR - Avatar's Generic Door Toolkit
Created 3/12/90 by Avatar
Sysop of S.I.G. BBS +61 3 888-8846
Copyright (c) 1991 Serious Cybernetics
Version 1.10 documentation
Last updated 10/12/91 by Avatar

Lines marked with a vertical bar "|" in the left margin have been updated since the previous version. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me as Avatar on S.I.G. BBS +61 3 888-8846 or via netmail at 199:4242/1@RainbowNet, 3:632/358@FidoNet or 58:4100/32@INTLnet. You can also reach me as avatar@csource.oz.au on the Internet or by mail at:

  Serious Cybernetics
  P.O. Box 409
  Canterbury 3126


AvDoor evolved from another program of mine called AIchat, and later closed the circle by being used to implement further releases of that program. However, I needed to write a number of other online programs, and thus AvDoor was born. Pretty soon people were asking me if they could use my routines and I decided to release this unit as shareware.

AvDoor provides most of the underlying infrastructure needed by almost every online program, including:

  • FOSSIL detection (but will work without one)
  • ANSI emulation (doesn't need ANSI.SYS installed!)
  • Local console screen I/O and status line (using only BIOS calls)
  • Built-in chat mode with word-wrap and logging (and optional shell-to-DOS)
  • BBS interfaces, command-line mode and local operation
  • Timeout, time used and hangup detection (very important!)
  • Software registration keys (with registered copies of AvDoor only)

You will need to rename AVDOOR55.TPU to AVDOOR.TPU if you are using Turbo Pascal 5.5, or rename AVDOOR60.TPU to AVDOOR.TPU if you are using Turbo Pascal 6.0. If you are using any other programming language, please contact me to find out if a version of AvDoor to suit you is planned. Source code for parts of AvDoor may be available in later releases if requested - contact the author for pricing.


This manual is gradually being expanded with every release of AvDoor. At present it consists of the following information: A summary of the types, constants and variables (in that order) defined by AvDoor, an explanation of the ShellProc variable with a sample DosShell function, a brief summary of the functions and procedures provided by AvDoor, a longer explanation of each of the procedures and functions, and a (very simple!) sample program. Hopefully that should be enough to get you started, but if you have any further questions feel free to contact me by any of the means listed at the beginning of this documentation. Priority will obviously be given to registered users.