Скачать Bump Glass Effect for TMT Pascal [DOS32]

Скачать файл (50,80 Кб)

1. Begin

   I haven't too much to say...Actually you get source code
   for BUMP GLASS effect! I saw it first time in DOOMSDAY's
   VIVID EXPERIMENT, I guess. Looks very nice...

   You should find in this package:

   - glass.pas    - pascal source
   - glass.exe    - executable of above
   - dolphin.bmp  - background picture for glass.exe (and glass.pas)
   - glass.doc    - this file
   - file_id.diz

 2. The End

    As usually, you can use this code as you like. It's freeware.
    But if you use my code, don't be lamer - please credit me!

    you can find me at:  kolejnik@ck-sg.p.lodz.pl

    Greetings must fly to Laud (hi Laud) and Doomsday Team (I saw
    "bump glass" in Vivid Exp. first time).