Rider Math Library for TP4+

Три математических модуля: Элементарная математика, Математика Комплексных чисел, Специальные функции.

MATH - elementary mathematical routines:
Numerical rounding and fractioning; Binary operators; Conditional operators; Polynomial evaluation; Exponential and power-raising functions; Logarithmic functions; Circular trigonometric functions and inverses; Degree/radian conversions for circular trig; Hyperbolic trigonometric functions and inverses.
CMATH - complex mathematical routines:
Binary operators; Exponenential, power-raising, and logarithmic procedures; Circular and hyperbolic trigonometric procedures and inverses; Conversion functions; Polynomial evaluation.
SpecFun - Special functions for mathematical calculations:
Discrete combinatorics; Continous "combinatorics"; "Incomplete" versions of gamma; "Incomplete" versions of beta; The "error" function and its complement

tInfInt - Unlimited Integers Arithmetic Object

Модуль для работы с ОЧЕНЬ БОЛЬШИМИ целыми числами. В качестве примера приведены программы для решения уравнения Пэлла abs(x*x - n*y*y)=1 и вычисления чисел Бернулли.
Sometimes it is necessary to do arithmetic with integer numbers that are much bigger than the numbers a ordinary "integer" or "longint" variable can hold, and one has to keep even the last decimal, so using reals is not a solution. The "TInfint" object soves this problem by defining an integer with a size that is only limited by the available heap space.

TPMath v1.0 - Turbo Pascal Math Unit

Модуль математических функций для TP4: Тригонометрия, гиперболические и логарифмические функции.
Mathematical Turbo Pascal unit source (all versions from Turbo Pascal 4). Trigonometric, hyperbolic and logarithm functions.

VMATH 1.0 - Vector and Matrix Functions

This unit contains vector and matrix procedures and functions for TURBO-PASCAL, partly written as inline assembler code for a 387 coprocessor. They are about two to three times faster than the equivalent "pure PASCAL" code.