Normal and Gaussian Distribution Random Generator

Простые генераторы случайных чисел с нормальным и Гауссовым законом распределения.

Numerical Integration by the Romberg Method

Два варианта программы для численного интегрирования функции методом Ромберга на заданном участке. В качестве примера приведена функция f(x) = 1/x.

PI5.PAS - Calculating the PI up to 2150 places

This program computes the digits of PI using the arctangent formula

Scientific Subroutine Library for Turbo Pascal

The following programs were written by Allen Miller and appear in the book entitled "Pascal Programs For Scientists And Engineers" which is published by Sybex, 1981. They were originally typed and submitted to MTPUG in Oct. 1982 Juergen Loewner. They have had minor corrections and adaptations for Turbo Pascal by Jeff Weiss.

Some Functions for Numerical Analysis

Набор из 26 функций для численного анализа. Включает в себя решение систем линейных уравнений, матричные операции, интегрирование, поиск корней уравнений, трансцендентные функции, решение дифференциальных уравнений и систем дифуравнений методом Рунге-Кутта, статистические функции, дискретные преобразования Фурье, симплекс-оптимизация...
This archive contains the scientific programs concerned with some aspect of numerical analysis: system of linear equations; matrix operations; Multiple definite integration; Finds a zero of a function; Invert a real matrix; Runge-Kutta solution of ordinary differential equation. (o.d.e.); efficient calculation of transcendental functions; Statistical operations; Adaptive Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg (~5th order accuracy); Runge-Kutta-Nystrom -- 2nd. order equations; System of o.d.e.'s; Plot a 3d function; Integration; complex zeroes of a function; Least-squares curve fit, up to 7th. order curve; Bessel function; Discrete Fourier Transform; Complex math routines; Simplex optimization; Runge-Kutta-Verner, o.d.e's with 7th order accuracy; Recursively calculates integer powers.

SWRandom - Алгоритмы вычисления случайных чисел

swrandom.pas - Случайные числа с разными законами распределения. Реализация некоторых алгоритмов из 2-го тома Кнута "The art of computer programming"

Turbo Pascal Statistics, Trigonometrics and Utils

Диск № 435. Выпуск PC-SIG, содержащий статистические и тригонометрические функции, а также ряд утилит для Turbo Pascal.
The distributions include the Beta, Log Gamma, Incomplete Gamma, F, T, Chi-square, and Normal distributions; both the forward and inverse functions are provided. TRIGFUNC contains Pascal procedures for the common trigonometric functions. UTIL features more than 50 TURBO Pascal utility routines for such diverse functions as screen output, frames, windows, menus, serial communications, string manipulation, loan calculations, file I/O, and even a siren for intruder alert.

Two Ways to Calculate a Factorial

This program examines two ways to calculate factorial. One is through a FOR DO loop, the other is through Recursion.

Very Large Numbers - up to 1000 Decimal Digits

Very Large Numbers - allows the Pascal programmer to work with numbers up to 1000 decimal digits or more. VLN can also handle numbers to 1* 10 ^ -1000 or smaller as well as add, subtract, multiply, divide, and perform with roots and powers.

Алгоритм Дейкстры для кратчайшего пути в графе

Объяснение Алгоритма Дейкстры нахождения кратчайшего пути в графе