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ESBMaths v2.1 12 July 1999

Includes over 110 Routines!

The aim of this code is to provide miscellaneous Mathematical and Statistical Routines both for Integers and Floating Point Values.

The Delphi Math unit is not required, but can be used via a Conditional Compiler Directive to speed some of the operations up.

Code is Delphi 4 but should also work fine in Delphi 2 and 3 due to conditional compiler instructions. ESBMaths2 unit is Delphi 4 specific as it contains routines for Dynamic Arrays.

You are free to use the code as you see fit, however an Email or Postcard would be nice, as would a reference to our web site included on our web site or in your docs. Though none of this is obligatory.

ESB Consultancy makes no guarantees regarding the capabilities nor the "Safeness" of this code. It is free after all, so you take all the risks :-)

ESB Consultancy makes no promise of support for this code, however we are happy to receive Email comments

A Mailing List to notify of updates and ask questions is available at the website.

Latest version always at http://www.esbconsult.com.au

Version History:

v2.1 13 July 1999

  • Now with over 110 Routines!
  • Added ESBDigits and ESBBitsNeeded for Cardinals to ESBMaths
  • Added ESBMagnitude for Reals to ESBMaths
  • Added GrandMean to ESBMath2
  • Added Matrix Operations to ESBMath2, just the start

v2.0 16 Apr 1999

  • Delphi 4 specific routines moved to ESBMaths2
  • Added Vector operations to ESBMath2

v1.1 22 Jan 1999

  • Improved Delphi 4 support
  • Added: SumLWArray, SumSqEArray, SumSqDiffEArray, SumXYEArray
  • Added: IsPositiveEArray
  • Added: Geometric and Harmonic Means
  • Added ESBMean, Median and Mode