Скачать Internet Protocol Suite v1.00 for BP7

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Well, a few months late, but it's finally here...

This zip contains a number of extremely useful units (with source) that you can use for your own personal projects.

Before I go on, here's the deal :

I'm not responsible for what happens when you use these functions. So if it blows up your computer, don't come after me! I've used most of this stuff for approximately 1+ years and haven't had to replace anything, so I don't think you should worry about it.

If you wish to use anything in this package which will be distributed to one or more people for a fee, you must obtain written consent from me (tsp@ares.csd.net).
There is also a small registration fee of $25. I think this is fair due to the massive content that these units contain. We're talking GUI, Real and Pmode SVGA routines, Internet Protocol support, Modem support, Mouse, keyboard etc... etc... etc... What will you get when you register? Support! This version needs it too. It's laid out fairly well, but it needs to be documented with tutorials. Consider registering an incentive for me to continue supporting this.

OK, included is a resource editor which is far from complete, but allows you to make dialog boxes with scrollbars, listboxes, etc....

If I ever feel ambitious, I'll document the GUI (after straightening it out a bit).

There a graphics routines for 8, 15 and 16 bit SVGA graphics modes (all assembler except for the clipping routines). These are pretty fast, but could use an overhaul to make it faster on machines equipped with a PCI bus.

There is a unit that allows playback of FLI files to a client window.