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This package contains several files to help you on your way towards
creating 3rd party utilities for ALLFIX.

The information in this documentation is not very detailed. It
is suggested that you look at the few example procedures to
learn how to read in the data files. Please make sure that the
file structure remains correct, if your utility needs to update
any of the files. Corrupt files can lead to a lot of headaches.

Following is a description of the 5 sample files:

TYPES.PAS       Contains the type definitions for ALLFIX.

FILEECHO.PAS    Contains a sample procedure for reading
                the file echo configuration. The procedure
                for reading the node manager, hatch manager,
                etc, configuration is identical to this one.
                Therefore, those routines are not included
                in this package.

STATFILE.PAS    Contains a sample procedure for reading
                in the statistics information.

FILEAREA.PAS    Contains a sample procedure for reading in
                the FILEAREA.FIX file.

CRC32.PAS       Contains sample procedures for calculating
                the 32 bit CRC of filenames and strings.

INTERNET.DOC    Contains the formats and structures used
                to send files via the internet.

UUENCODE.PAS    Contains routines to uuencode and decode
                binary data.