Скачать Joystick Unit for Turbo Pascal

JOYSTICK Unit for Turbo Pascal.
Public Domain by JonSoft Technologies Inc.

This ARCHIVED file should contain -
 JOYSTICK.PAS - the JOYSTICK unit source code
 JOYSTICK.TPU - the JOYSTICK unit for TP 5.x (see notes!)
 JOYDEMO.PAS  - joystick demonstration program
 JOYSTICK.DOC - this file!
 UP&CMING.DOC - Up & Coming releases from JonSoft Inc.
 COPYRITE.DOC - full copyright agreement

** NOTE - JOYSTICK.TPU is for version 5.x (5.0/5.5 etc) of Turbo Pascal and WILL NOT WORK with Version 4.x without recompilation.
To use with version 4.x, load JOYSTICK.PAS into the editor and recompile it to disk. This unit WILL NOT WORK with version 3.x or below!!!!!

*** Using JOYSTICK ***

If you are planning to use the joystick unit to retrieve X,Y, and button values from the joystick only, there is no need to call either of the initialization procedures.

If you plan to use to 8-position converter routines (HORIZ, VERT- see procedure listings) then you should call either of the two initialization procedures.